How Do Most YouTubers Use Donations

Are you a YouTuber looking to access the Donations and Fundraising features on the platform? Giving back to others is a great way to support charities and causes that align with your channel and YouTube business. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about using the donations and fundraising features in your YouTube Creator Studio.

What Is the Google Nonprofit YouTube Program?

You’ll need to be part of the Google For Nonprofit program to access the donations and fundraising features on YouTube. After you receive membership approval, you can add links like cards and set up end-screen CTAs. Google for Education offers schools and learning institutions a separate program for accepting donations.

What Is YouTube Giving?

There are two ways your viewers/subscribers can donate to your fundraising campaign. The donor receives an email receipt to their nominated email address registered on their YouTube account. The email lists the specifics of the donation amount, the cause, and the creator.

How Do Your Viewers Donate to a YouTube Fundraiser?

With YouTube channel memberships, creators get a chance to open another income stream to assist their financial prospects on the platform. It's a way to connect with a core audience on your channel that loves your content. However, you can't expect every subscriber to your channel to hit the 'Join' button. Most creators see between 5% to 15% of their subscribed audience take a channel membership.

How Do YouTube Distribute Membership Earnings to Creators?

Membership costs for subscribers can range from $5 to $10 per month, and YouTube keeps 30% of the revenue collected from your subscribers. The 30% charged by YouTube seems outlandish, especially considering Patreon charges its creators 5% to 12% of monthly revenue. However, it keeps the membership on the YouTube Platform, meaning that your subscribers don't have to navigate to another website, like Patreon, to subscribe. Creators can review their subscription earnings in their YouTube Studio. Select the "Analytics" tab and then hit the "Revenue" tab to access the data.