How to Set up YouTube Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks

Are you looking for another way to earn income through your YouTube channel? Are you using Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks on your videos? If not, you’re leaving money on the table.

Activating Super Thanks on YouTube

Any member of the YouTube Partner Program can apply for Super Chat, Super Thanks, and Super Sticker facilities. To activate your Super Thanks feature, navigate to the YouTube Studio. Click the ‘Monetization’ tab in your dashboard. You’ll see the ‘Supers’ tab on the ‘Channel monetization’ page. Tap the slider till it turns blue to activate the Super Thanks feature. Creators receive 70% of revenue generated by Super Thanks tips from subscribers. Super Thanks is unavailable for live streaming events, but that’s where users have the option to choose the ‘Super Chat’ Function. After you finish a live streaming event or premiere, the ‘Super Thanks’ button appears in the video ribbon.

Activating Super Chat on YouTube

The ‘Super Chat’ feature is similar to Super Thanks, but it’s available during live stream events and premiers. The viewers can tip you, and their donation appears in the chat window with the amount donated displayed alongside their username and a comment. On the ‘Monetization Page,’ activate ‘Super Chat’ by toggling the slider to the right. It turns blue when activated. The creator can track all donations given to them from within their Creator Studio dashboard.

Activating Super Stickers on YouTube

Super Stickers’ are automatically included when activating ‘Super Chat.’ Super Stickers aren’t available for YouTube video content like music videos. However, YouTube intends to change this in the future, but there is no information on when they plan to implement the change.

Build Your YouTube Revenue with Super Features on Your Videos

Adding Super Chat is a great way to boost your income if you post live streaming events on your channel. Sure, your viewers won’t be dropping thousands of dollars, but you might be surprised at the difference Super features make to your monthly revenue on the platform. Implement these changes to your account, and get a new way to monetize your content. Grow your YouTube business and your revenue